KENSTON Business GmbH acts as investor, co-investor and partner for the worldwide financing of entrepreneurial sustainable investments. The focus is not only on the pure provision and procurement of capital. Rather, KENSTON Business GmbH also provides comprehensive accompanying consulting services for the partners and clients involved.

Promising and, as a result, successful investment options depend not only on the “idea” but also on target-oriented liquidity planning. Accordingly, structured financing measures are essential for successful implementation. Regardless of the specific investment, the aim is always to transfer the required financial resources to the target company – in its function as an investment option – in a way that makes legal and economic sense.

In order to be able to design the associated financing processes in a future-proof and existence-securing manner, KENSTON Business GmbH is breaking new ground. The “classic” company and start-up financing via banking institutions is considerably limited worldwide and partly at its end. Creative solutions for financing entrepreneurs are therefore essential and indispensable. Whether “equity financing”, “venture capital measures”, “flexible loan solutions” or other conceivable arrangements – there must be no prohibitions on thinking about long-term and sustainable company and project financing.

The following services are provided by KENSTON Business GmbH in this context, among others:

  • in-depth due diligence or review of the target company’s business model (investment option) from all angles as a basis for decision-making;
  • external due diligence in cooperation with the legal and tax advisors of the client or target company;
  • capture and description of all value chains;
  • effective and sustainable financial planning;
  • comprehensive support of the client or the target company from all legal perspectives with the involvement of the necessary consulting partners authorized by professional law;
  • support and implementation of the structuring of concrete financing measures for the benefit of the client or target company;
  • personnel support for all strategic implementation measures by management personnel from the KENSTON GROUP® or KENSTON Business GmbH.

As a member of KENSTON GROUP®, KENSTON Business GmbH draws on a high-quality national and international network of partners and experts to exclusively localize, advise, finance, and provide long-term support for investment projects with a comprehensive reputation.

The partner network of KENSTON GROUP® and KENSTON Business GmbH includes, among others:

  • finance and insurance groups of all sizes;
  • asset managers and family offices of all sizes;
  • auditing firms;
  • globally active venture capital companies;
  • globally active private equity companies;
  • globally active investors of any legal form;
  • globally active institutional investors of all sizes and legal forms;
  • globally active research institutes;
  • globally active companies and corporations of all sizes.

The CO-CEOs of KENSTON Business GmbH are Mr. Sebastian Uckermann and Mr. Patrick Drees.